What is it?

    Curffle is a mix between curling and shuffle board. 

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    Rules of Curffle

    1. Two (2) players to a team, one player at each end
    2. Four (4) stones to a team
    3. Games ar ten (10) ends, or when the scoreboard runs out of room
    4. Teammates can only sweep teammate's stone after it crosses the hog line
    5. Players can sweep off the opponent's stone after it crosses the T-line in the house
    6. If the end is blanked, the hammer moves to the other team
    7. Tie games are broken by a single rock throw off - closest to the button wins
    8. The painted rings in the ice do not mean anything in this game



    1. Between hog line (completely over the hog line) and T-Line in the house - one (1) point
    2. Between T-Line (completely over the T-Line) and back line - two (2) points
    3. Touching the back line - three (3) points
    4. object of scoring is to be cvlosest to the back line or hanging over it

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    Upcoming Events

    30 Mar 2023;
    07:00PM - 11:00PM
    Men's League
    31 Mar 2023;
    09:30AM - 11:30AM
    Daytime Curling
    31 Mar 2023;
    07:00PM - 09:00PM
    Mixed League
    01 Apr 2023;
    That Throwback Spiel

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